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The healthcare industry is characterized by the promise of financial gain through provision of healthcare. Due to insufficient understanding of the nature of this unique business, the result is sub-optimal healthcare which is unsatisfactory to patients and shareholders alike.

Specific skills are non-negotiable for success in any cut-throat business environment. Not only do these skills provide results of superior quality but also ensure that return on investment is optimised. This is a basic business principle.

Founded in 2012, Capex Solutions based in Gauteng South Africa, bridges the gap between the ‘monetary’ and ‘healthcare’, ensuring best return for both entities through specialised skills and expert knowledge. Longevity and growth is the final result.

Our team is independent, qualified industry experts in planning and procuring healthcare solutions. The team is professional members of CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) and CEASA (The Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa) and past members for National Treasury on the Technical Assistance Unit (TAU) Panel from August 2010 to Jul 2013.

Industry experience – more than 85 Years combined.

Capex Solutions(Pty) Ltd is a proudly Level 1 BEE Contributor .

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